“promenade” Shopping center is in the center of almaty

“promenade” Shopping center  is an inseparable part of the center of almaty, which is made in a
т unmatched architectural style, repeating the main attraction of the city - an unforgettable   mountain scenery.

In “PROMENADE” you can find a wide diversity of men’s, women’s children’s and souvenir products.  

the unique project of the next entertainment center will produce an impact on people of any generation.


“promenade” Shopping center welcomes you at:
- “white elephant” thai restaurant 
- a variety of CAFES
- FAST FOOD area

“promenade” Shopping center provides a wide range of services:
- cellular services
- banking facility
- dry-cleaning
- pharmacy
- beauty salons

“promenade” Shopping center  is always happy to welcome you! 

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