Starbucks coffee

Magnum Super

To say that Starbucks buys and roasts only whole quality coffee beans is absolutely true. That is all we do.

In our coffee houses all over the world coffee lovers gather. Why do they choose Starbucks? Because at Starbucks every time they can count on quality service, a welcoming atmosphere and a great cup of coffee from professional roasted and carefully brewed coffee beans.

Magnum Cash & Carry is the largest dynamically developing retail and retail chain No. 1 in Kazakhstan. The company was founded on September 14, 2007, it was then that the first Magnum store was opened. The main activity is the sale of consumer goods. Over the ten years of the company's operation, the number of Magnum stores has grown significantly and in 2019, 60 shopping centers in 9 cities of Kazakhstan have successfully operated.

Sulpak is the largest trading company in Kazakhstan, a leader in the sale of electronics and household appliances.

Over its 25-year history, Sulpak has gone from a small wholesale company with a staff of 15 employees to an extensive retail network covering all regions of the country and neighboring Kyrgyzstan, with a staff of 6,000 people.

Today Sulpak has 134 stores in 40 cities and more than 25 thousand models of electronics and household appliances. The product matrix contains exclusive models from Samsung and LG and brands that can only be purchased at Sulpak: Honor, Philips, Candy, Haier, Elenberg.